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LDI Welcomes Senator Ted Cruz's Act to Designate Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization

The Liberal Democracy Institute of Egypt (LDI), the coordinating organization of the Popular Campaign to Designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization, welcomes the recent move taken by US Senator Ted Cruz to direct the American Administration to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as an international terrorist organization.

Senator Ted Cruz, yesterday, reintroduced two bills, alongside Congressman Michael McCaul and Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, which will direct the State Department to hold accountable both the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Muslim Brotherhood. Both bills require a report on whether these organizations meet the criteria to be designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations, and if so, will enable the US to take action that could stifle the funding they receive to promote their terrorist activities.

Under the last two years of the Obama Administration, 49 similar bills were introduced by Senators and Congressmen, in addition to millions of petitions by American citizens that requested taking serious actions to curb the violent activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the US. Yet, Obama’s Administration failed to properly respond.

During those years, the Popular Campaign to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization worked intensively on documenting more than three thousand violent crimes committed by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt since 2013, which targeted the lives and properties of Coptic Christian citizens, policemen, and their families, and state facilities. The campaign then led several activities in Capitol Hill and the US Administration to educate US policymakers on the US national security risk of accommodating Muslim Brotherhood members and so-called civil society and religious organizations.

“We are delighted to see the new US Administration and Capitol Hill finally taking serious action to control the evil of the Muslim Brotherhood, which masks itself as a religious organization, while their real intention is to destroy the legacy of the democratic West, especially the US,” said Dalia Ziada, LDI Director.

LDI is currently organizing a visit to the US for a high-profile delegation of Egyptian Members of Parliament, religious leaders, and civil society pioneers to discuss the challenge of terrorism in the Middle East and Egypt’s quest for democracy and civil rights with American policymakers and civil society, under the new Administration of Donald Trump.

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