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Reports on Muslim Brotherhood's violence re-sent to US Congress

Muslim Brotherhood Crimes in Egypt

Last week, "The Popular Campaign to Designate the Muslim Brotherhood as an International Terrorist Organization" re-sent to US Congress respective committees and members the reports documenting the violent crimes committed by the Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt between June 2013 and December 2015. The campaign documented more than three thousand violent crimes committed by the Muslim Brotherhood against civilians, Coptic Christians, and State facilities during this period.

The campaign ran an advocacy campaign at US Congress and Administration in 2015-2016, using those documents to convince US decision-makers to designate the Muslim Brotherhood on the State Department's list of International Terrorist Organizations. The campaign succeeded, then, in raising awareness about the ugly truth of the Muslim Brotherhood and the threat they pose to US national security. As a result, high-profile US decision-makers, Senators, and Congressmen called for and issued congressional bills seeking to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and subsequently to freeze the group's masked business and civil society activities in the US.

However, the newly elected Congress seems to be more willing to re-initiate the controversial relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood's members in the US. Last month, Congressman Tom Malinowski re-opened the doors of Congress to the Muslim Brotherhood by authorizing them to hold briefings and conferences at Capitol Hill buildings. He, simply, re-empowered the violent Islamist group to re-play their old devious game on the American public opinion and policymakers by pretending that they are a group of political activists or civil society workers to promote their Islamist / Jihadist agenda.

Therefore, we decided to re-activate our advocacy initiatives at Capitol Hill to remind Congressmen, like Representative Malinowski, that working with political Islamists in general, and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular, will eventually hurt the national security of the United States, as much as it is currently affecting the stability and security of Egypt and other Arab countries, which designated the group as a terrorist organization. Needless to mention, the Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization of Hamas, Hasm, Giesh Al-Islam, and Ansar Beit Al-maqdes organizations, which are already designated by the US and Europe as international terrorist organizations!

"The Campaign to Designate the Muslim Brotherhood as an International Terrorist Organization" has been managed by the Liberal Democracy Institute, since 2014. Our members and volunteers include Egyptians, Arabs, Europeans, and Americans.

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