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Egypt: Military, Islamism, and Liberal Democracy - New Book

Three-Legged Wolf Egypt Dalia Ziada Book

We are happy to announce the official release of a new book by our Founding Director, Dalia Ziada:

Here is a brief review of what to expect to see inside the book:

While Libya and Yemen got drowned in bloody civil wars and Syria was occupied by Islamic State terrorists, Egypt survived by preserving the unity of the national state and restoring public order under a valid system of governance.

This book provides an insider's answer to Arab Spring's most difficult academic and political questions, through exploring the curious case of Egypt. This is the first Arab Spring study to analyze the strategic choices made by the military institution, official and non-official Islamists, and the young liberal democratic activists on employing violent aggression, nonviolent action, and reverse nonviolent action, during and after the Arab Spring.

This is, also, the first publication to propose the theory of "reverse nonviolent action" as a new sub-field for study within the socio-political science of nonviolent action and strategies.

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