A Message to Turkey's MSB Hulusi Akar

Turkey Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar

Clearly, Turkey is very angry at Egypt’s success in deterring their illegal interference in Libya.

Last week, Anadolu Agency made up a lie that does not make any sense, about Egypt deploying soldiers to fight against Turkey in Syria, in coordination with Iran (our enemy!). Then, Turkey’s Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar, in an interview with Qatar’s Aljazeera, vowed to hold UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and France accountable for halting Turkish illegal operations in the region.

What is the domestic failure Erdogan is trying to compensate for by spreading such empty lies to the international community and the Turkish public opinion?! The coming days shall tell us.

Until then, my message to Turkish MSB Hulusi Akar:

Sir, you are too smart, open-minded, and charismatic to be a puppet in the hands of the Islamist Erdogan. Stop using your best men in pursuing his Muslim Brotherhood agenda. Don’t waste the glamour of your star (4 stars actually) on shining Erdogan’s ugly rock.

Dalia Ziada, LDI Director


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