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The Curious Case of the Three-Legged Wolf - Reviewed!

Our recently published book "The Curious Case of the Three-Legged Wolf: Egypt's Military, Islamism, and Liberal Democracy" is reviewed by Aman Nadhiri of Johnson C. Smith University, NC, USA. The review is published on Duke University's Research Africa Reviews, Volume 4 (2020), Issue# 1.

Here is an excerpt from the book review:

"The Curious Case of the Three-Legged Wolf is singular in that it is perhaps the first analysis of the use of nonviolence as a tactic by powerful interests to actively counteract popular movements for political change. This is groundbreaking because it redefines the way in which we understand nonviolence, reclassifying it as a neutral tactic that can be used in the service of revolutionary and reactionary forces alike. In advocating this novel approach, Ziada demonstrates her ability to adopt a truly objective attitude toward political movements, eschewing facile, ready-made narratives for complex political phenomena. As such, The Curious Case of the Three-Legged Wolf is invaluable reading, not only for the insights it lends on the Egyptian experience of the Arab Spring, but for our understanding of political movements in general, and the factors that inform the actions of all parties involved."


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