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Situation Report: Erdogan’s Turkey and the Politics of Getting Lost

Turkey's Erdogan, Hulusi Akar, and Cavusoglu
Turkey's Erdogan, Hulusi Akar, and Cavusoglu

“Geography is destiny,” and Turkey has been trying, for a while, to make use of its strategic geographic location to realize maximum political and economic benefits, by playing the role of the Trans-regional hub for Europe, Africa, and Asia. However, the confusing policy of President Erdogan’s regime, which resembles a dangerous mixture of ultranationalist and political Islamism, enhanced by the militarization of foreign policy has turned Turkey into being “the stone in the bread” for most of its geographic neighbors in the three continents. That includes Turkey’s European allies, neighbors in the Mediterranean Sea, Russia, Iran, and the broader Middle East.

In this situation report, the Liberal Democracy Institute (LDI) is trying to decode the confusing politics of Erdogan’s ultranationalist Islamist regime, through five main chapters dealing with:

1) the domestic sufferings of the Turkish people resulting from human rights violations and collapsing economy;

2) the conflict in the Mediterranean Sea and how it fired back on Turkey’s diplomatic endeavors;

3) Turkey’s dilemma in North Africa where the previous policies the Erdogan regime adopted in the Middle East does not work;

4) how Turkey became a threat to its closest allies in Europe, Asia, and NATO which threatens more isolation and lack of security; and

5) finally, we ask if the Turkish military, due to its historical powerful position and political role, could intervene in some legal way to save Turkey from this inevitable fate of failing locally, regionally, and internationally.


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